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Pricing Plans

We understand that success is more than just a goal – it's a journey. That's why we've meticulously crafted pricing plans that cater to every step of your ascent.

Pricing Plans For Content Writing

Human Crafted Content​

Get full SEO Optimized Content


Get engaging and convincing copywriting for your service.

Pricing Plans For On-Page SEO

Fundamental SEO Boost

Foundations of visibility – unlock your website's potential and be found online.

Advanced SEO Wizardry

Take your online presence to the next level with advanced SEO techniques. Rank higher, convert better.

Pricing Plans For Off-Page SEO

Foundation Backlinks

Building trust one link at a time. Strengthen your online authority with our foundational backlinks.

Guest Post

Expand your reach and influence with expertly placed guest posts. Boost your authority in your niche."

Pricing Plans For Web Development

Simple Website Development

1-3 Pages Website + Home with Slider, About Us, Contact Us
- ( 5000 BDT )

E-commerce Website and Premium Service

10-15 Pages Website with E-commerce system or without E-commerce system
- ( 12000 BDT )

Pricing Plans For Keyword Research

Super Low Competitive

Per Keyword - 200 BDT

Low Competitive Keywords (This include: Super Low and Low Competiton Keywords)

Per Keyword - 150 BDT

Low Competitive Keywords with Title and Outline

Per Keyword - 250 BDT

For Ads Targeted Site with Title and Outline

Per Keyword - 17500 BDT

Keyword for Affiliate Site

Per Keyword - 7500 BDT

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